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A unique sneak-peak at ‘ONCE’ by The Glue Society

This year The Glue Society will be back in Denmark for the third time, so James Dive has chosen to give us an exclusive sneak-peak into the becoming of their contribution to this summer’s exhibition.


But we only get to scratch the surface, because James Dive does not want to ruin the effect of the work by revealing too much:
- Physically, ‘ONCE’ is an entire amusement park that has been crushed and compacted into a four meter cube. Across the cube flattened dodgem cars entwine with shattered merry-go-round horses, broken lights knot with stuffed toys and metal rides ensnare ice-cream carts.  The work "Once" is about the finality of a missed moment, something that is lost forever.
The artistic process would be best described as violent and loud. Metal groaned, merry-go-round horses exploded, rubber ducks squeaked, fiberglass shattered and inflatable toys burst.


The Glue Society is an independent creative collective based in Sydney and New York. It was founded in 1998 and today their work encompasses everything from broadcast entertainment, commercial and print advertising, film direction and graphic design to books, art exhibitions, live events, video installations and sculpture.


In 2011 the Glue Society exhibited the popular I wish you hadn’t asked, an interactive piece that was awarded the Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus Prize, Kids' Choice Prize and Nordea-fonden's Prize.



The Glue Society online (opens new window)



Image: A close-up photograph of ‘ONCE’ by James Dive, The Glue Society.

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