Gå til sidens indhold

So long and see you in 2013

And so the sun shone final time upon the 65 beautiful sculptures at Aarhus Bay, exhibited in the period June 2nd to July 3rd. Some sculptures have been sold; others have been shipped on their way to new, exciting destinations.

At Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus we are very happy and grateful of the support and recognition we have received. Only by a tremendous support from our sponsors, our partners, the foundations and individuals have we been able to present this unique cultural event. Without their support the realization of an ambitious and international art project in the scale of Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus, would not have been possible.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who have supported Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus, and helped out the project in one way or the other. We look forward to presenting a new and exciting exhibition in 2013


The staff and secretariat will be out of office in the period July 15th - August 22nd and unable to respond to inquiries.



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